February 11, 2010

Time for change

I'm really sad to be saying this because I love this blog but because of my health and other priorities, I no longer have the time to run the blog the way it should be run. As of today, I will no longer be posting on a regular basis. The blog will not be deleted and I have given the guest writers the option to continue posting. Thanks for all your support over the years. :)



Ruth said...

Sorry to hear about health concerns connie. I'll miss your blogging. But take care of yourself. That's what is most important.

RedFenyx said...

Health is definitely more important!
We'll miss you but think to recover first! ^^

martienn said...

jejjjj, i love ur blog !
is really interesting !
more more more more !!

follow me and write comment if you want ;**

burun estetigi said...

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