January 7, 2010

♫in the rubber room.....

is where i belong..... ♫

from top left to bottom right:
hand-picked necklaces, Little Houses, kelly farrow, sewandsew14 (alt)
yy studio, Jagged Rose, attila design, yy studio (alt)
attila design, ninu, Little Houses, Loretari (alt)
ManyH8800, sand maiden, Alexandra Anderson, ileaiye (alt)


p.s., yes, i realise it's a day late. funnily enough, i had one planned all about calendars and timekeeping and going to class in winter. and then i forgot it was wednesday yesterday until i was on the way home today. and then i was in the car for an HOUR in the snow on the highway. so i need a straight jacket now. ^^;-b next week i'll try for more on-time-ness, yes?