January 27, 2010

*clutching head*

omg, ow.

from top left to bottom right:
Kathryn Beals, Elegant Rose Boutique, brilliant!, Warm Hugs (alt)
Termite's Campsite, jelene, bedbugs, dance sippy, dance! (alt)
Aztek 721, theplushiefoundry, loaded hips press, doodlebug's fun fabrics (alt)
The Om Intention, good gosh!, portland general store, Love-Me-Knot Creations (alt)

you aren't gonna yell of i make those names into links tomorrow, are you?
i'm gonna go lay down now.

i'm feeling much better today, so the links are all active now. ^.^-b
*hugs to all*


Connie said...

yobo, i have an ear infection lol i haven't even updated the blog since last week -__- it's cool.

yobokitty said...

aw, yeah, i just saw that on twitter!
*hugs* i'm a bit better today, so i hope you're better soon!