January 5, 2010

Chicken Spaghetti in a creamy Bechamel Sauce

Chicken Spaghetti in a creamy Bechamel Sauce topped with some cheese.

I love to eat pasta and I love Bechamel sauce because it's so versatile. It's perfect for when you want something that's fancy but without all the effort and you can make it with ingredients you already have on hand!

For those of you who do not know, Bechamel is a white sauce that can be used alone but is more commonly used as a base for other sauces. It is formed by making a roux (mixing equal parts of butter and flour) in a saucepan and whisking in milk until it thickens.

Chicken Spaghetti in a creamy Bechamel Sauce in 30 mins or less!

1 1/2  cups cooked chicken, cubed (leftovers work great)
1/2 small onion diced
2 tbsps butter
2 tbsps flour
2 cups of milk or half and half
salt and pepper to taste
enough pasta for 4 - 6 people

1. In a large pot, cook your pasta until al dente. Remember to season with lots of salt. I always hear people saying that your water should smell and taste like the sea. Adding a 2 teaspoons of veggie oil to the pot will help prevent clumping and sticking to the bottom of your pot.
2. While the pasta is cooking, dice up your onion and cube your chicken.
3. In a sauce pan melt the butter and saute your onions. Let it sweat for about 5 mins and then stir in your flour. Do not brown the flour!
4. Turn the heat down to medium low and start whisking in your milk or half and half.
5. Slowly bring the milk up to a boil making sure you are stirring constantly (otherwise the sauce will stick to the bottom of the pot). It starts boiling, you can turn the heat back down to medium low. I do this because I'm scared it will burn.
6. Keep stirring until you have a nice thick creamy sauce and add salt and pepper to taste.
7. Stir in the chicken until it is thoroughly heated. If you want to add frozen veggies or something now would be the time to do it.
8. When your pasta is done drain it and serve it topped with your yummy sauce.



Sheila Rae said...

Great Recipe!

I blogged it and put your link in my post.

Hope you don't mind.


Slumber Designs said...

Yummy!!! I am trying new recipes and this one is now on that list!