August 31, 2009

Interview & Giveaway

This week, I had the opportunity to interview Amber from AmberLynnMartin on Etsy. Amber meticulously designs and creates all of her jewelry using components such as glass, gems and precious metals. Keep reading to find out more about Amber and how you can win a necklace and bracelet from her shop!

1. What are 3 of your favorite things to do besides make jewelry?
Shopping :), hanging out with family and napping

2. What is/are your favorite materials to work with?
Unique materials that I randomly find as well as glass beads and charms.

3. If you could try your hand at any craft or trade what would it be and why?
I would choose painting. I think its a great way to get expression and emotion across and paintings are always so beautiful.

4. Share your top 3 handmade or vintage items.
Get bold: A bead, charm and chain inspired necklace. Get Chained: Chain inspired Bracelet and Get Feathered: A peacock inspired earring.

5. I see you have a referral program in place, would you tell us a little more about it?
I am a new business so anything and everything helps. It is only fair to give back to people who help promote me. So, if anyone shares Get Jeweled! with a friend and their friend buys something from Get Jeweled! at Etsy, they leave their friends name in the note box and their friend gets a free piece of jewelry. It is a really great, easy and fun way to get free jewelry!

Amber will be giving a lucky reader one of her "Get Chained Bracelets"and a "Wood Beaded Necklace" with a total value of $21.50. The bracelet is made out of a metal chain and a teal beaded rock and the necklace is made from all real wood and glass beads measuring 21" inches long.

How To Enter:
All you have to do is visit and post a comment below about your favorite item or you can tweet this message in red: Get Jeweled at

Anyone can enter. You can enter as many times as you like. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win! Giveaway ends Sept 6th 11:59pm PST

August 28, 2009

Flickr Friday

Autumn is near! Get in season by accessorizing yourself and your home with these great picks from our Flickr group.

1. crafting365/40: autumn, 2. Chiyogami tea light candle holder 2 (3), 3. Feed the birds, 4. Birds in the flower garden clasp clutch purse

Daily Snapshot.

August 27, 2009

Daily Snapshot.

Story Time

When I'm working my way through a thrift shop, I cannot leave without browsing the books. I love vintage books in particular. They seem to have a real charm to them that newer books just don't possess. I like the weight and illustrations, and I especially love the smell of older books. Here are some absolutely lovely vintage book options I found while searching around on etsy:

xo, Caroline

August 26, 2009

Back to School!

so, today is my little sister's first day back! (yay, she made it to 8th grade!)
i'll be going back to school in about a month, myself. (holycrap[someonetellmeicandoitthistime?]!)
so, i thought, what better subject for an almostery than 'back to school'?
and i told myself 'there really isn't a better subject right now, since you've used all your auxilliary ones already.'
(yeah, i'm fairly hard on myself. ;p

so! without further ado:
(alternate title: what i would LIKE to wear, and what i want to take with me)

Top left to Bottom Right:
Willow Creek Sparrow, KitKitDodge, prarieland vintage, yoboseiyo (alt)
juniper berry, zoetropa, MOXIE and Oliver ([also] alt)
moment in the sun, concepcioun, yatsu, Samy St. Clair (alt)
The Vintage Mode, thirteen leaf home, beloved baglady, MOXIE and Oliver (alt[again])

don't you just love the smell of fresh pencils?

Just Metal.

I love metal simply because it's so versatile. Is there anything you can't do with it? I especially love these sculptures because they are quirky, fun, reclaimed and original.

1. Vacuum Tubes by kochansky
2. Young Robin by sparkflight
3. Eico III by Adoptabot
4. Mannequin 27 - Diva Dress Form Sculpture by Reclaim2Fame

Daily Snapshot.

August 25, 2009

Daily Snapshot.


I am absolutely smitten with these adorable creatures. I'm not quite sure why but I think it's because they have long twirly horns which remind me of unicorns. It just makes them seem more rare and mystical.

1. Arctic Print by SepiaLepus
2. Pod of Narwhals Messenger Bag by SquidInkKollective
3. N is for Narwhal by dpsullivan

August 24, 2009

Daily Snapshot.

August 21, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight: Photo Jewelry Making

Stop by Photo Jewelry Making for all your photo jewelry supply needs! They are the photo jewelry superstore and have everything you need to make photo pendants, tile pendants, italian charms, kits to start home businesses and more!

Have you entered yet?

There's a great giveaway going on! Despina of thelittlefox is giving away this gorgeous print! Click the image for details.

Flickr Friday

Just some fun stuff. Join our flickr group if you haven't already!

Daily Snapshot.

August 20, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight: BrigaBauble

Stop by BrigaBauble today for some funky and unique handmade gifts!

Daily Snapshot.

Fall Back

The dog days of summer aren't quite over yet, but lately I've been longing for some cooler weather and a reason to slap on some plaid. With fall just around the corner, I'm thinking these vintage beauties are just the thing to get me in the mood.

xo, Caroline

August 19, 2009

The butterfly

A poem, by Rowlf.
i saw a butterfly one beautiful morn, flitting silently on the dew covered lawn.
and i thought to myself - how wonderful it would be, if only we could see, millions of these, covering the mountains, the plains, and the seas.

i held out my hand, and motioned it to land, and as it did, i looked for another butterfly with which to mate it. i couldn't find one, so i sat down and ate it! ;p

from top left to bottom right:
wall work, Clockwork Jungles, Paper Relish, Surface Flik (alt)
Ben and Oliver, Pepper Sunlight, Clover Noire, jude 1950 (alt)
eettssyy, post, cici studio, Gone, The Sun (alt)
clear cut crafts, Household Words, Snappy Tatter, rogee (alt)


Sponsor Spotlight: Just A Tish

Visit JustATish your one stop shop for artistic jewelry!

Daily Snapshot.

August 18, 2009

Sponsor Spotlight: Miso Funky

Visit MisoFunky for cute items that will funkify your life! Products range from hand embroidered housewares such as coasters, tea towels, aprons, samplers and much more!

Daily Snapshot.

August 17, 2009

Interview & Giveaway

Allow me to introduce you to Despina the mastermind behind thelittlefox! Despina has a stunning collection of whimsical paintings and prints in her shop. I really adore that each painting has it's own symbolic meaning. It really makes me want to sit and daydream of how each character lives her life day to day. I've showcased 2 of my favorites below. Keep reading to find out more about Despina, her work and how you can win one of her fabulous prints!

1. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.
I live with a lovely Siamese that is pictured in one of my prints, as well as my lovely boyfriend (or boy-hedgehog, as I call him), who doesn't whine when I stay up late because I 'just have to get this on canvas'. My favourite thing to do as a child was to draw my own graphic novels ( which my mom still keeps I still own my very first plush toy. It was a gift from my dad the day I was born, and although it lost its nose and tongue many-a-years ago, I still can't find anything as adorable as him. I named him The Sad One when I was 3. My list of favourite (famous) people include Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton, Alan Rickman, and Robert Plant.

2. I see in your Etsy profile that you have degrees in Architecture, History of Art and Interior Design! Which one did you enjoy studying the most and why?
I loved studying each and everyone of those subjects, although I must admit that History of Art was probably my favorite...I loved how one movement in art eventually led to another, how the historical and social context of each era was depicted in that era's art, and was intrigued by the stories behind the paintings.

3. Where do the ideas for your wonderful paintings come from? All of your paintings seem to have a symbolic meaning is there a reason for this?

I grew up as an only child, and since both my parents worked pretty long hours, and very often brought work back home, I guess I became adept to using my imagination a lot and always fabricating quirky little scenarios in my head. I started painting very early during my childhood, and I especially loved (and still do) Andersen's tales and Carroll's Alice books. I enjoy painting girls of unspecified age, that look girly and serious at the same time. I was always fascinated with what may be hiding behind a phenomenally simple expression, what story might that person tell if he/she was given the chance...I like making up quirky scenarios about their life, but in the end it's always them that make me go one way or another. My influences consist mostly of graphic novel artists, such as Michael Zulli, Simon Bisley, and John Bolton in particular.Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Series, (actually anything by the man is inspiring), Blythe dolls, Tim Burton's movies, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Lewis Carroll's and Andersen's book, the Grimm Brothers. Anything sweet and enigmatic at the same time. But really, if an image swims around my head for days, the inspiration for it could be anything...sometimes it's a dream I just had and that's why I always keep a sketchbook by my bed!

4. Do you have your own studio or do you work from home?

I work from home, where I have transformed a room into a small, ever-pulsating factory of paintings, dolls and other wonderfully quirky things.

5. Where else can we find your work?

At the moment my work is only available through Etsy, at, and I also keep a blog at

And now for the part I'm sure you're all very excited about...

Despina will be giving a lucky reader one of her prints entitled "The Great Escape". The print measures 11.7 x 16.5 inches and is valued at $32. She ships internationally so anyone can enter!

Here's what you gotta do to enter:
Become followers of Despina's blog . Once you have followed the blog come back and post a comment here with your name and email address. Last day to enter is Aug 30th 11:59 PM PST

For a bonus entry you can REtweet the message that is in red: Enter to win "The Great Escape Print" from thelittlefox on @thetinyfig @thelittlefox or a similar message that promotes the giveaway.

Good Luck!

Daily Snapshot.

August 14, 2009

Flickr Friday

I have a slight fascination with Blythe dolls. When I was a child I had a doll about 1.5 ft" tall that would open and close it's eyes whenever I picked it up or laid it down. Of course, it was not as cute as a Blythe doll and it totally creeped me out but I loved it all the same! I found some amazing Blythe doll accessories in the Flickr pool for all you Blythe lovers!

1. Clover & Mitzi, 2. Doe a Deer for Blythe, 3. teddy and Kai, 4. Thanks, Mommy! A new dress!

August 13, 2009

Sweet (Vintage) Dreams

Hi all - I recently returned from a month away from home. I missed my time away and sharing all the great vintage goodies with you each week, but it looks like Connie has been doing an excellent job in my stead (thanks Connie!).

I had the most wonderful time while away, but it's always nice to return home to a familiar place after a vacation (especially a long one). I have mountains of laundry to do and souvenirs to sort, but what I really want to be doing is curling up for a good long nap in my own bed. The only thing that could make that prospect sound any more appealing would be the addition of some beautiful vintage props. Here's a couple I'm coveting at this very moment:

xo, Caroline

Going back to school vintage style!

Yesterday, my little sister told me she wanted to go get all of her school supplies. As I was trying to figure out what to write about today, I got curious and started browsing the Vintage sections looking for things from my childhood. Apparently, I'm not old enough to find my things from my childhood in the vintage section. haha so I didn't find anything but I did have a good time and found some good stuff to share!

1. Vintage Square Division Flashcards from foundpaperco
2. Vintage Red Pencil Sharpener from solsticehome
3. Vintage Peanuts Lunch Box from chadwickcottage57
4. Fun Vintage Yard Stick from tracinicole
5. Vintage 50's Graphic Pencil Box from 26olivestreet
6. Bright Orange School Box by Empire Pencil Corp from AttysVintage

Daily Snapshot.

$5 for 2 weeks of Ad Space!

It's your last chance to book a 2 week or one month ad slot during our summer promo! For $5 you get 2 weeks of ad space plus a sponsor spotlight feature on the blog! For $9 you get a whole month! The ads start on August 15th so be sure to give me an email if you are interested or visit our advertising page for more details. Connie at

August 12, 2009

Daily Snapshot.

Mutiny on the bounty

or was that mutiny OF the bounty? ;p
From top left to bottom right:
shane gorski, idolatre, a.j. sweet soap, cartoon monster (alt)
meliors, topsy-turvy design, zerkahloostrah, Boxes by Mary (alt)
Art Mind, Smile Moon, Junke Stuff by Ginny, kelly's art (alt)
Moany and Lallas, wow! studio, Surrender, Dorothy!, Ukie (alt)

*off to find pie-rate treasures to plunder*

August 11, 2009

My new favorite pancake recipe!

Lately I have had crazy cravings for pancakes and french toast. Now, french toast is pretty easy to make but pancakes are a different story! It's difficult for me because I don't have a griddle, the pan doesn't heat evenly, there's too much oil in the pan, the batter is too thick, too runny... you get the idea. They never come out looking right! They are either too dark or too light or have white blotches all over them! Not the prettiest pancakes. I've tried out quite a few recipes in the last 2-3 weeks and I have a new favorite! I has the perfect consistency and cooks quite evenly.

Triple Stack Pancake Plush by Vintagepixie5

Pancakes Recipie from

1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar (optional)
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups milk
1 egg
2 - 3 tablespoons oil

Mix the dry ingredients together, then add the milk and eggs. Mix well and try to get some of the lumps out of the batter. Don't worry about making it perfectly smooth. It will be fine. Heat a skillet on medium heat. When heated, scoop the pancake batter recipe into the frying pan with a large spoon to make individual pancakes. The pan will probably only take 1 or two pancakes at a time. Cook on one side until the top begins to bubble, then flip over and cook on the other side.

Daily Snapshot.

I saw this on the Front Page of Etsy yesterday and thought it was too cute not to share!

End of Summer Sale at JiJi's Creative designs

A selection of handbags at JiJi's is now 15-50% off! Stop by and see if there's anything suitable for yourself or a friend :)

August 10, 2009

A preview of Autumn

Ever since the heat wave ended here in Vancouver it's been very gloomy and almost like the Autumn season is already here. It's rainy, the leaves are changing colors and the maple trees are dropping their seeds every where! Pretty soon the kids will be going back to school and Thanksgiving will arrive! haha I am already craving for pumpkin and butter tarts.

1. Fall Leaves Earrings by ShimmeringShenanigan
2. Autumn Brown Squirrel Food by NextChapter
3. Oak Leaf Photo Place Card by JenniferAitchison
4. Squirrely Reproduction by SavageArtworks

Daily Snapshot.

August 7, 2009

Daily Snapshot.

Flickr Friday

A little bit of pattern here and a little over there.

1. Radish - sterling silver and fabric necklace, 2. Bright Lollipop Flowers Appliqued Messenger Bag, 3. Eco Friendly Posy Embellies, 4. craft 365 - year 2 - day 29

Favor Jewelry is having an anniversary sale!

From now until August 26th receive a 15% discount on all orders from Favor Jewelry!

August 6, 2009

A Vintage Wonderland.

It sure seems like a wonderland in RobertaGrove's Etsy shop! I was actually browsing around this morning looking for office decor but I came across this shop and absolutely adored the style of photography used to showcase their vintage items. Naturally, I wanted to share so here's a peek into the shop!

Daily Snapshot.

August 5, 2009

on with the greens!

or something similar, anyway. ;p
from top left to bottom right:
Karma Rox, man made designs, Fluffington, libby mclinn photo (alt)
winemaker's sister, dug shop, arizona soap works, world of beads (alt)
Mountain Laurel, sweetheart sinner, daisy and friends, these loving hands (alt)
atheinert, Elephannie, Ducky Soaps, sweet babu (alt)

because really, who COULDN'T use a little more green? ;p

Daily Snapshot.

August 4, 2009

Daily Snapshot.

What's your favorite noodle?

I didn't really realize how much my family loves noodles until we went to the grocery store yesterday. We picked up ramen, buckwheat noodles, yam noodles, udon noodles, flat wide rice noodles and in the house we have egg noodles, yellow noodles, spinach noodles, vermicelli, pho and there's probably more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Yum! I love a big steaming hot bowl of ramen with an egg stirred into it!

Felt Japanese Udon Noodle bowl by LittleFluffStuff