December 30, 2009

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

the gifts that the 3 wise men brought to a carpenter and his new wife who had just given birth.
wasn't that nice? they got some money, some incense, and the wife got something to help her heal from the birth of her first child.
(gold is the money, frankincense is incense, and myrrh was used in traditional medicine to help heal the womb after giving birth.)

from top left to bottom right:
catherine filippelli, wiggle perfume, Dreaming Isis, Swedish Sisters (alt)
white magic, Pure Minerals Source, e sightler, Ancient Oils (alt)
nordea soaperie, wiccan magick shack, Make Scents With Nature, chasing clouds (alt)
goose grease, Ayala, sandra'n'dan, natural sundae (alt)

*humming the hymn*