December 28, 2009


Lately, I've been craving for caramel because I keep seeing them all over everyone's blogs! Caramels seem to be the new chocolate these days. So with nothing special to do on Christmas Eve I decided to make a batch of caramels.

The week before I found a recipe on The Black Apple's blog for Caramels Bittman (from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything). I've never made caramel before but the recipe looked pretty easy so I decided to use it. I had my doubts at first that it was actually going to turn into caramel... before the sugars dissolved and the butter melted it looked kind of disgusting and curdled haha but eventually it all became a consistent liquid and after about 30 mins of bubbling my candy thermometer read 245 degrees. I was surprised at how fast it set because my plan was to pour everything into the pan and swish it around until it was even but by the time I finished scraping the bottom of the pot it had already begun to set so the edges of my pan were a bit thinner than in the center. My family really enjoyed them too. I will definitely be making these again. I really wish I had some fleur de sel to sprinkle on top of these.

They were sweet but not too sweet and they don't stick to your teeth when you chew them which I REALLY like. I can't tell you how much I had a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to drizzle over when I was making these. I poured it into a 13" x 9" inch pan and ended up wrapping over 100 pieces of caramels.