November 19, 2009

Starry Night

A couple nights ago I set my alarm for 3:00 am and woke up hoping to see a good show of shooting stars. The Leonid meteor shower was supposed to be a big one with reports saying we could expect to see anywhere from thirty to fifty shooting stars each hour or more.  Unfortunately for me, the sky in my neck of the woods was cloudy that night with not even one star visible.

That night may have been a bust, but I still have a super fondness for shooting stars.  I love this meteor shower costume donned by Missa of one of my favorite vintage-y blogs, Thrift Candy, for Halloween.  Indeed, it's one of the most clever costumes I saw: 

This pretty costume got me thinking about the possibility of pulling together an outfit using the same inspiration, but making it more suitable for regular wear. I hit up etsy, and here are just a few of my favorite vintage items that remind me of a night sky:
xo, Caroline

clockwise from top left: gary pepper vintage I lisa zain I gary pepper vintage I twice the charm


Nicole said...

Hello :)

I'm Nicole, owner of gary pepper vintage. I stumbled across your wonderful blog and noticed your mention of the store. thank you kindly. Please drop by me ebay store anytime and i will happily give you a 10% discount on anything you like :)

Caroline said...

Thanks Nicole! I'll be sure to check it out.