November 4, 2009

Sesame Street is 40!

(omg) i LOVED sesame street.
really, i did.
*humming the song*

From top left to bottom right:
typewink, lis5112, artzodiac, picuu (alt)
recyclemania, valueapesalvage, neuart, fanciefannies (alt)
teesies, devinprather, frogseyebrows, lloftus (alt)
happybabeeandbeeyond, prettypaperfactory, cushytushydesigns, bugabootutus (alt)

dood, someone did an oil painting of elmo!

yaaaay sesame street! i learned to count from sesame street, you know. :D

*off humming themesong*


becca.elpy said...

can you tell me how to to get to sesame streeeeet?

haha, i loved sesame street when i was little. not the count, though...the count scared me. i had an elmo sweatshirt when i was 18. hah! this is awesome.