October 8, 2009

yobo must not have a calendar.

because she can't tell that it's thursday now.
which means that, once again she's late posting an almostery.
geeeeeeze, connie's gonna be seeing red soon, if she doesn't get her act together!
from top left to bottom right:
verabel, happydayvintage, sosovintage, sadieolive (alt)
goingquackers, ItalianCountryGirl, madlight13, SurrenderDorothy (alt)
SurrenderDorothy, Oman77, FoundVintageStyle, SurrenderDorothy (alt)
jessjamesjake, kokopellisales, gethappy, 1glassydealer (alt)

*slinks off to go flog self*


S said...

Ooh, that's a really nice one. I love red!