October 14, 2009

Get thee to a nunnery!

well, ok, so these are cathedrals and abbeys, not nunneries, but whatever! ;p

i have an architecture paper that's due in early november, that i haven't started yet.
it's on either classical or gothic architecture. now, i'm pretty sure that everyone and their MOTHER will be doing the statehouse, so i'm planning on some gothic architecture being the central point of my paper.

and so, without further ado:
From top left to bottom right:
DeepCreekStudios, rebeccaplotnick, kcwgallery, EyeShutterToThink (alt)
Claireeyedesign, CookePhoto, AlteredAbbey, bBrookover (alt)
SpookyAction, andescruz, VenusInBloom, Aztek721 (alt)
shanegorski, racergirl1313, downanddirty, TravelingChariot (alt)

*off to The Pontifical College Josephinum to take pix*


Diana said...

Nice of you to include my photo here!