October 15, 2009

Bows & Bandits

When preparing these posts I almost always hit up etsy for vintage inspiration and ideas. It's a no brainer really since it's marketplace setting make it super easy to peruse a huge number of retailers all in the same place. (Plus, I must admit that having my own shop stationed there makes it easier to forget other venues). It's also nice that, in my experience, most sellers are willing to ship worldwide which is not something you see as often in other e-shops. That being said, I would hate to miss out (or have you miss out) on other fabulous vintage finds because I'm stuck in an etsy rut so the plan is to branch out a bit.

I first came across Bows & Bandits some time ago, and it's been a shop that I come back to fairly regularly because of the fabulous selection of vintage clothes. (I'm particularly keen on their dresses). They are always carrying several items that I fall in love with, and the model-less photography makes it easy to focus on just the clothing. More good news: While the company is based in Austria (be still my heart!), they also offer worldwide shipping. Hooray!
all available at Bows & Bandits

xo, Caroline

p.s. It would seem I'm also being inadvertently inspired by fall what with all the lovely browns I've chosen to feature. Happy October!