September 22, 2009

Review & Giveaway

This past week Jonathan Peacock Co-founder of gave me a free pass to check out Zibbet for myself. He was also generous enough to offer a 7 day trial of their Premium Account services for you to try out too!

For those of you who have not heard of Zibbet yet, it's a handmade, vintage and supply venue based in Australia that was opened up earlier this year by Jonathan Peacock and Andrew Gray. The Zibbet name was fashioned from the word exhibit and the sellers refer to themselves as zibbiters.

As a seller of handmade I have checked out my fair share of venues such as Handmade Fusion, ArtFire, 1000markets, DaWanda etc... and have found Zibbet to be one of the ones I really like and one with a lot of potential for growth. They have a bright, clean, fresh and uncluttered interface that is so easy to navigate. There are great features such as the ability to save drafts and list your items later, copy and paste existing listings, re-arrange your shop, add widgets to your side bar, multiple image uploading, ability to customize the color of your shop and options for banner sizes. Plus there are more features coming such as the ability to upload your Etsy shop listings and multiple currency options. (Note: Some of these features are only available to Premium Account Holders).

So, Who can sell on Zibbet? Anyone who is selling handmade, vintage or supplies. Zibbet is available to international sellers! To get started you can sign up for a Basic Account (free) and list up to 25 items at a time or a Premium Account ($7/ month) and have an unlimited number of listings. The best part about Zibbet's Premium Account is that you pay one flat fee of $7 a month and there are NO extra listing fees or transaction fees. Try out a Premium Account on Zibbet free for 7 days with the code: FREETRIAL.

Jonathan is giving one of our lucky readers a chance at winning a Premium Account on Zibbet for life! That's right! You won't ever have to pay Zibbet anything if you win this giveaway.

How to enter:
Go to, shop around and come back here to post a link to your favorite item.

It's that simple! Anyone can enter and the giveaway ends Sept 27th, 2009 at 11:59 PST.


Justine said...


great news from the other side ;)

this is my absolute favorite: it has it all!

color, style, and its not too expensive!

i consider these earrings as a great gift!

Cozy said...

I have been considering getting a premium account on Zibbet for awhile. If I could win one that would be so exciting because I never seem to win online giveaways.

I found this beautiful lace shawl and being a knitter and crocheter myself I really admire the skills needed to make this.

pottberg said...

WOW, thanks for the review Tiny Fig... I never saw this site before but have sold things to NZ... this looks like a great new venue for me... Plus I did the shop local search and found this amazing dress-


nickandmiri said...

Hi! I actually found your site doing a search about zibbet! How exciting that you are actually having a competition. What a great excuse to snoop around zibbet! I found this great piece Kate's work is so whimsical and fun and the colors are great. Good luck to everyone! :-)

Redd said...

This is one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen! If it was silver (and I was rolling in money) I would get it in an instant! Wow!!

Faye said...

I would love to win a premium account on Zibbet so this is a wonderful opportunity!

Choosing my favorite item on Zibbet was hard... I loved so many things!!!
However, I think this Hand Blown Glass Holiday Ornament is especially beautiful:

Sihui said...

Very cool giveaway, Zibbet looks very interesting and easy on the eyes. I've been thinking about opening a shop over there since they have the 25 free listings.
My fav item is: Florence - Earrings. Epic Femininity. Soft beauty. found here:

Thank you so much for the chance to win a free account with Zibbet:)
origamibysisi at gmail dot com

Cloudery said...

Browsing around, I found this lovely "Nuno Felt Scarf Periwinkle":

I'm just getting started on Zibbet (; how great it would be to win a premium membership for life...

Studio Cutecake said...

I love this *3* Goodluck to everyone!

Your Organ Grinder said...

I chose this item, its really quite super!
I found it using a search for clothing in black and then found a pretty top, after that I viewed the store