September 14, 2009

Plump and Juicy!

My aunt and uncle dropped by yesterday and gave us a HUGE bag of purple plums from their backyard. There's literally more than 50 of them. I'm not quite sure what to do with them all because I can't eat plums uncooked (they're too acidic for me). So, I'm browsing the web in search of a good recipe or two to try out. I remember seeing all these great Kuchen recipies earlier in the summer. Maybe I'll give that a go and turn the rest of these plump goodies into jam or jelly. I've always wanted to make a plum tart too.

Anyways, here are a few of the recipes I found and might give a try. If you've got a good plum recipe feel free to share!

Plum Kuchen from Smitten Kitchen
Plum Jam from Chef In You
Plum Tart from Epicurious


californiablue said...

All of these recipes look amazing! I love plums this time of year. Martha Stewart had some nice easy plum recipes in her latest issue of Everyday Food.

Trance104 said...

I super like your blog. I love the layout and looks great on a wide screen! Well done.

thea said...

THESE look so freakishly yummay! what did you decide to make...?

Louise said...

I just put a plum jam recipe up too! Great minds think like, obv!