August 26, 2009

Back to School!

so, today is my little sister's first day back! (yay, she made it to 8th grade!)
i'll be going back to school in about a month, myself. (holycrap[someonetellmeicandoitthistime?]!)
so, i thought, what better subject for an almostery than 'back to school'?
and i told myself 'there really isn't a better subject right now, since you've used all your auxilliary ones already.'
(yeah, i'm fairly hard on myself. ;p

so! without further ado:
(alternate title: what i would LIKE to wear, and what i want to take with me)

Top left to Bottom Right:
Willow Creek Sparrow, KitKitDodge, prarieland vintage, yoboseiyo (alt)
juniper berry, zoetropa, MOXIE and Oliver ([also] alt)
moment in the sun, concepcioun, yatsu, Samy St. Clair (alt)
The Vintage Mode, thirteen leaf home, beloved baglady, MOXIE and Oliver (alt[again])

don't you just love the smell of fresh pencils?