July 6, 2009

If you're going on a roadtrip

for a few days be sure to bring these!

1. Passport Case by simbiosisbyjulia. If you're doing any cross-border traveling don't forget your passport!
2. Crayon Wallet by GetSassed. Something to keep the kids occupied.
3. Portland, OR - Black Jet Set Journal and 4 Area Code Notes by jetsetpapers. So you can make a log all of your travels.
4. Formation by brokesy. A nice comfy pillow for your passengers to rest their heads on until they reach the next pit stop.
5. Come on your suitcase is on the front porch... let's go from HannahBellaMemories. A place to store all your stuff.
6. Spring Rain Guest Soaps by SavonShoppe. A reminder of home or incase you don't like the soap at the hotel.