July 27, 2009

Gone Bananas!

A few days ago I said I wanted to make banana bread so my mom picked up a huge bag of ripe bananas from work for $1. What a bargain! The bananas look like crap on the outside but are perfect with no bruises on the inside. So since then we have enjoyed banana chocolate chip loaf, banana milkshakes, banana pancakes, chocolate dipped bananas, fried bananas with ice cream, a plain banana and I even froze some. I seriously can't believe all the things you can do with bananas.

Peeled banana cellphone charm by PurelyPeach

Anyways, I just wanted to share the Banana Loaf recipe I used from epicurious.com in case anyone has ripe bananas and wants to give it a shot. It's so good!


libu said...

your charm is adorable... and youre making me hungy!

Campbell Jane said...

OH YUM! No banana foster? :) I just read in this month's Gourmet magazine that you can store your bananas in the frig. They will brown but stay nice on the inside. Who knew?