June 10, 2009

everyone else has it, so why not?

wedding fever that is.
it's june, so everyone seems to be stuck on weddings!

so, i figured, why not make an almostery with some cool/quirky/cute things that go in a wedding?
(on a lighter note, why is there so much more stuff for the ladies getting married than there is for the gentlemen? do boys not really care, so there's no market? *shrug* no idea.)

anyway: the almostery!

from top left to bottom right:
d.k. designs - hawaii, yosemite vintage, jesswitaj, trillium (alt)
Fleurs Rock Affair, zaza studio design, My Lady's Treasures, florabond (alt)
Titta ME, the bitsy bean, Twice As Nice Boutique, Post Invitations (alt)
Northwest Bridal, Eden Invitations, Vintage Urban Girl, designed by love (alt)

congrats to everyone wedding this year!



FleursRockAffair said...

Ohh thanks for including my earrings!!!!! Such a pretty and quirky collection. Adore it =)