June 25, 2009

English Relics

Whilst perusing etsy yesterday evening (you know...like you do), I chanced upon one of the most ingenious and incredible shops I've found in a long time.  English Relics uses genuine ancient artifacts combined with new materials to create some seriously amazing (and thoroughly modern) accessories.

I love the fact that these pieces are created using little bits of history so that though the item may be new to you, it still has an interesting story to tell. What's more is that these artifacts being used are actually old - from Roman through Victorian times - so it's not like you're being sold a knick knack from the '80s with an antique label.

xo, Caroline


stacy di said...

I just stopped by their shop...it's incredible. really. I can't believe the antique...not vintage...buckles and things. incredible! an instant favorite.