May 27, 2009


they're super cool, and you can design them to mean anything you'd like.
no joke, there are some that mean love, some for hope, and some for peace too.
i like them so much, that i decided to choose a bunch at random and make an almostery!
what do you think?

from top left, to bottom right:
jackson creede, nutmeg designs, The Beaded Edge, all those 3hrees (alt)
The Art of Andrew Daniel, The Art of Andrew Daniel (again, whoops!), serpent mandalas, Eye Pop Art (alt)
Eye Pop Art, Colorful dayz, play nature, Jessica Doyle (alt)
designfruit, owlbaby, Maia Art, gigi butterfly (alt)

makes you want to go make some, doesn't it?
(i'd link a tutorial, but all the ones i'm finding online aren't very nice, or are photoshop-specific, so yeah. mebbe that can be a tutorial tuesday sometime? that'd be pretty cool.)



Amy Jane said...

I love drawing mandalas! ( They are very...relaxing, I guess is the best word.

I like this link for "how-to" info -

Connie said...

Interesting... I never knew what a mandala was before this post lol. I just thought they were pretty patterns.

the jewelry :ninja! said...

they are pretty patterns, connie, but they're also a way of meditating.

probably why you find them so relaxing, amy!
those are nice links too.