May 18, 2009

Do I smell a rematch in the making?

As you probably already know, I'm a huge hockey fan! I was so disappointed that the Canucks (my home team) lost to Chicago! I watched the Wings vs Hawks game yesterday and after the game I began to wonder if maybe there is a Stanley Cup Finals rematch between the Pens and Wings in the making? That would make a really good final series don't you think? I am a huge fan of Pittsburgh and was extremely disappointed at their loss last year I'd love to see them make it t the finals and win this year!

Anyways, since I've already featured my favorite handmade hockey items a few weeks ago so I thought I'd support some of the handmade shops in Pittsburgh! Here are a few of my favs!

1. Going to See My Baby Blue by strawberryluna
2. Feathery Owl by ragtrader
3. Aurelie Top by AnnabelAndRuby
4. What's All The Fuss About Love Original Painting by somnambulant

Go Penguins Go!


HeatherScent said...

Vancouver is my partner's home team as well, even though he now lives in my hometown, which is full of Wings fans! We were hoping for a Canucks/Wings match up as we are just a hop, skip and a 2-hour wait at the border crossing away from Detroit!

Erin said...

OK, so I already thought you were fantastic for featuring one of my items, but to learn that you're a Penguins fan as well? That's so cool!

Erin from Somnambulant