April 14, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Fun Things to do with Avocados

Okay, I wasn't really prepared for this week's Tutorial Tuesday feature and since I have a bag full of avocados on my counter I thought I'd share my 3 favorite ways I like to eat them and maybe you'll share yours too? :)

Awesome Avocado Necklace by CuteAbility

My favorite ways to eat an avocado:
1. In a bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or condensed milk drizzled over it. Yum.
2. In a panini! Slice some avocados, tomatoes and brie then layer them in some potato buns and grill away!
3. And of course, who doesn't love themselves some good guacamole?


Laura said...

Yum!!!! I like them in place of butter on toast with a little kosher salt sprinkled on top. And my all time favorite it to eat them as is. I am going to have to try them with ice cream it sound like it just might surprise me.

miscellanea said...

I never thought about ice cream & avocados. Must try!

My faves:
1 - drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with fresh crushed pepper
2 - guacamole!
3 - on a chipotle chicken sandwich

<3 that little avocado necklace, so cute!

Marilyn said...

Oh yummy! I love having it in a salad with some black olives and red onions. I also love it in a burger or in a turkey sandwich. Oh so hungry now!!

Caroline said...

Um...I would never have thought to pair ice cream with avocados.

Side note: I have hated avocados (even guacamole) my entire life until just a couple months ago. Now I want them on everything. I love, love, love the idea of the panini. I'm going to try that post haste.