April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

There are so many ways simple ways to be more eco-friendly these days! Plant a tree, pay your bills online, turn out the lights when you leave a room, grow your own veggies, use non-toxic cleaning agents, use a fabric grocery bag, hang dry your clothing, change your lightbulbs, recycle your cans, newspapers and juice boxes! The list goes on and on! Are you doing your part in protecting the world we live in?

Here some items to help you be more eco-friendly:
1. MamaMade reusable sandwich bag
2. Dryer sachets from ReFabulous
3. Grocery tote bag from kidpirate
4. Reusable deli wrap by WasteNotSaks
5. CrazyCoutureBoutique's hand towels
6. Eco coffee sleeve by karley


Athena's Armoury said...

Yeah, I'm kind of the recycling nazi in the house. We've switched all of our bulbs to CFL's, I use fabric grocery bags, I make my own cleaning products... I bet there's more. Anyway, I'm trying! =) You found some great finds, by the way. Some new favorites for me.