April 6, 2009


Since the weather is finally starting to warm up, I'm starting to plan what I want to grow in my little garden this year! I was searching on Etsy this morning for some seeds and came across this wonderful cooperative shop called myvictorygarden that sells tons of seeds for beautiful heirloom veggies and kits so the entire family can get started! Now I just have to figure out what will grow! I'm thinking maybe the ones below would be good.
Heirloom Mache Salad Corn-Lambs Lettuce Seed

Heirloom Northern Nibblers Tomato Seed

Heirloom Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea Seeds


Tina- said...

oh how very sweet of you to mention my little shop! what a pleasant surprise.thank you ever so much. stop on by anytime.(sweet southern tea and cookies await..smiles)
would like to also let you know that my husband and I create an online magazine bi monthly..this months issue is all about gardening. you can see it at: www.stliving.net
thanks again!