March 11, 2009


after listening to this song for a while, i realised that it is, in fact, Wednesday.
i also realised that i didn't have an almostery ready for you lovely people.
so, since the lyrics sound like they're being sung by robots, i decided to go with the feeling and show you lots of cute robits!

from top left to bottom right:
rainbowswirlz, beadworkbyamanda, vol25, johnwgolden (alt)
partybots, heatherknitz, mamarobot, anatomyofaskirt (alt)
johnwgolden, heartbreakjewelry, dylanS, mattbrown (alt)
isotope, SomethingWhimsical, AmyGaines, EdsArt (alt)

wouldn't that be nice to have a nanny bot? or just a robot in general? i want a robit.....