March 10, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday: Upcycled Napkin Rings by SublimeStitching

Jazz up your next dinner party with some upcycled napkin rings by SublimeStitching! When I was in the 4th grade my aunt taught me how to cross-stitch and embroider. I totally loved it and to this day it is a great skill to have! I'm sure that you and your kids would have fun working on this project too (make sure they're supervised of course). Visit the Sublime Stitching website for the full tutorial, stitching pattern, kits, tools and more!

Happy stitching everyone!



Delainie said...

Those are SO cute! I love the leaves! They'd also be really cute with tiny sushi on them! I wish I had the patience to embroider things.

Laura said...

I just found sublime a few weeks ago. It is a great place. I had been looking to buy new things to embroider I had never thought of jazzing up the things I have. Great post.

Carol said...

Great tutorial....darling napkin rings!