March 20, 2009

Time to bring some color into your life!

I really can't wait for the spring flowers to start popping up. My favorites are the tulips! They don't bloom until late April but they are so bright and cheerful standing tall and proud! Did I mention the cherry blossoms should be in bloom soon? When they are in full bloom I'll snap some pics of those for all of you! Anyways, add a touch of color to your wardrobe this spring with these lovely finds
from our flickr group. We've got almost 600 members in our flickr group now! Come join us!

1. Colorful square bracelet, 2. YA04b, 3. Vintage Lily earrings, 4. zz, 5. Copper Honey Bee earrings, 6. Rainbow Bone - Earrings, 7. Shelly elephant love earrings, 8. Dragonfly Abstraction in Red, 9. icecreamcloseup1