March 4, 2009

Technologic tech-tech- technologic

*hums buy it, use it, break it, fix it*
Have you gotten some new piece of technology recently?
You should definitely dress it up all pretty then, don't you think?

from top left to bottom right:
Janine King Designs, Funky Friends Factory, digiBling, digiBling again (alt)
Big Helmet Head, Thosmhicks, The House Of Mouse, Get Personal Art (alt)
RAGGED edge gear, digiBling (again apparantly!), weberphoto, crrysstall (alt)
dillonc, nycresistor, The Blue Kraken, creative dexterity (alt)

Isn't new technology fun? I love it.
I love it so much, I decided to make an almostery of all the pretty accessories I could find, and all the wacky things people do with computer parts. (my favourite is the Tesla Coil business card holder. Oh, and the steampunk laptop stand. And the belt... And, and, and, yeah, so i like it all. *.*-b)

**what's an almostery, you ask?
well, you know the treasuries on right? how they always seem to pop when you aren't looking? gets on your nerves, doesn't it? especially when you have a good idea, right? well, almosteries are my answer. more infos here: [link]

you know you like technologic!
*lyrics from DaftPunk!


julee said...

My son made a business card holder out of his rector set, this sort of reminds me of it. great pics