March 19, 2009

Romper Love

Rompers definitely seem to be one of those love it or hate it type of trends, and I must say I'm living it up in the love it camp. They offer all the ease of a dress - a one piece outfit with no mixing or matching necessary, along with all the coverage of shorts - no fear of exposing your under things while riding your bike, climbing a tree, or doing a cartwheel (you do bust out the occasional spontaneous cartwheel from time to time, do you not?). Plus I think rompers automatically lend a somewhat carefree feel to any ensemble. Ergo, you (the romper wearer) will exude the same sort of attitude. And, as we all know, carefree equals fun and fun equals friends.

Are you going with me on this? Yes? Good.

Now that I've got you convinced about the positive merits of rompers, check out these particularly delightful vintage options:

xo, Caroline