March 5, 2009

Pretty Pastels

It's coming up on spring in this part of the world, which means I'm dying to shed the layer of muted tones I've been living in and pull out all the pretty pastels I can manage. These vintage beauties would easily satisfy my craving without being overly sweet.

xo, Caroline

update: Check out the dress I pulled out of my closet after inspiring myself by writing this post. I'm giving myself bonus points because it's vintage!



Oh, gosh!...I miss those early 80's ice cream pastels. I used to have do my eyes up in every one of those colors and more, at the same time. Starting with the aqua frost interior eye liner, to the blue lashes, and the green and pink shimmer shadow. All in the name of Toni Basil's clear plastic bikini!

Caroline said...

hahaha...that sounds like some incredibly sweet eye makeup!

julee said...

do you remember those thick belts with long baggy shirts. I so loved those.