March 18, 2009

Moments in the Sun

♫♪ [link] ♪♫

from top left to bottom right:
everydaymoments, 5eizen, everydaymoments (again!), underabluesky (alt)
siiri, celebratelife, JLeeOhioDesigns, mincingmockingbird (alt)
everydaymoments (again! eep!), helenahelt, underabluesky (again!), everydaymoments (alt [apparantly, i like them.])
debralinker, lostcamera, PhotoVita, tanybug (alt)

*dancing through the screen*


**what's an almostery, you ask?
well, you know the treasuries on right? how they always seem to pop when you aren't looking? gets on your nerves, doesn't it? especially when you have a good idea, right? well, almosteries are my answer. more infos here: [link]