March 25, 2009

Feathers on your pillow

Well, not really on your pillow, since these birds would rather peck your eyes out than share their bedding. . . . . Isn't that always the way, though? The most beautiful things are generally the most dangerous, aren't they. . . . . . .

from top left to bottom right:
Amy Longberry Photography, Café Baudelaire, Clutch That, Word Designs (alt)
Southwest Flower, MADART, Poppy Joy, AO3 designs (alt)
tzaddishop, dillon designs, Cosmic Firefly, mandiesuee (alt)
io*ta jewelry, Red Ruby Rose, Intrinsic Imagination, Shalom's Cottage Home (alt)

my mother's favourite blue....



:::ZebraLilly::: said...

What a beautiful treasury, I just love peacocks. They are so beautiful, but I have been chased by quite a few in my day :)