March 9, 2009

Email Finds: waysideviolet

It snowed about 4 inches last night and I woke up to a winter wonderland instead of beautiful sunny spring weather (but that's life in Vancouver!). A little bit depressing but the snow does look super pretty. After discovering this cute pink coffee cozy from waysideviolet's shop in some old emails combined with the chilly weather I'm totally craving for a London Fog.

Off to Starbucks I go!


Panicmama said...

I love these soft pink/rose coffee jackets! I always want one but I am afraid I'll throw it away or into the recycle bin!

The ChainMaille Lady said...

Wow! What a pretty cup cozy! I bet it kept your coffee nice and warm and your hands from getting scorched!


Stacey said...

That is really cute and cozy. I would like to carry that around and wear a matching sweater. :)

gina said...

I love this! I want it and the sweater, just like Stacey!! Too cute.