February 13, 2009

Think Pink!

In honor of the Pink Panther 2 I decided to feature all pink items this week :) I haven't seen the movie yet but it looks pretty funny. I use to watch the cartoon every day after school haha I kind of miss the joys of being a kid.

1. paper mache piglet top view Spring Meadow design, 2. Sun Kissed Apple Bloom earrings, 3. DSCF0007, 4. Spool Piggie!, 5. SDC13049, 6. NCR030209-001, 7. Clasp clutch purse in domestic bliss, 8. mitzi the mini french bunny, 9. "Sweet privacy"


Sherisa of L'élephant Rose said...

OMG!!! I read your blog all the time and I'm sooo stoked to be included in your treasury!! YAY happy love day to you!

sweetnichan said...

ehhhh...the no.6 is my bag (^.^)
Thank you so much for putting it here (^v^)