February 12, 2009

go vintage: men's edition

Etsy is practically overflowing with vintage clothing retailers. It seems several new shops open on a daily basis with no signs of slowing soon. I've noticed, however, that almost all these vintage shops cater strictly, or mostly, to women (mine certainly does).

Enter Edward Vintage - this fresh new shop offers a very well curated selection of vintage duds for even the most discerning fellow. And lucky you - you're learning about it just in time to pick up a little something for your valentine.

And for those of you who couldn't give a fig about men's apparel, they have a sister site as well...

xo, Caroline


Laura said...

What a cool find. I am going to check it out. Not for my husband since his taste is more Levies and Harley shirts. My son would love the vintage cloths.