February 27, 2009

Alchemic Muse Soap

One day I stumbled upon an interesting soap shop on Etsy, Alchemic Muse. I am a bona-fide soap stalker. I love reading about it, smelling it, using it and of course, buying it! I find it hard to choose scented items online without ever taking a whiff, but Alchemic Muse solves that problem by offering a super awesome Soap Sampler.

You can choose up to four different scents from a selection of sixteen choices for 6 dollars. This is a great deal for those that do not want to fully commit to one bar without ever testing it. My four soaps arrived extremely fast. Each mini bar lasted a few showers. After using them I found my favorites: Honey Balsalm and Arctic Black Tea. I ordered two full bars right away.

The Honey Balsalm has the softest smell. The scent lingers in the bathroom after a shower, and I find this to be an added bonus. There is a golden glimmer to the soap as well which makes it shimmer. The Arctic Black Tea is crisp, and has the most beautiful blue color. The tiny pieces of black tea act as an exfoliant which I find helpful for those rough spots. If you're looking for some lush new soap without spending a lot of money - I would suggest the Soap Sampler for its great value and quality.

Happy Bathing!


*All images provided by Alchemic Muse*


stacy di said...

I have a little "thing" for handmade soaps...and these look really nice. Your describe them so well!

Indy Grrrl Maryland USA said...

Thanks! I'm glad to see I'm not the only person with a handmade soap thing ; )

Sarah said...

What a great idea! I may just have to get myself a sampler pack too :)