January 9, 2009

More awesome stuff affected by the CPSIA

If you haven't yet please go vote at to save small businesses at http://change.org

1. Forest Children | Tomtebobarnen, 2. The Whole Gang, 3. PB&J, 4. Penny Loves Weiner Dogs and Mud Pies 3T tshirt, 5. Tamari the cat, 6. Jaida, 7. Little Ones Baby Bib I'm Cute PIc 1, 8. white baby disk hair clip, 9. BOB by Michael Short and Melon


Laura said...

That just hurts my heart. I hope the whole cpsia thing can get fixed before it causes havoc.

Bunny said...

Screw this CPSIA crap. I`m selling my work anyway, whether they like it or not.