January 13, 2009

It all started with... featuring bellabijoujewellery

This week's feature is brought to you by Jamie of bellabijoujewellery who offers colorful handcrafted jewellery in stunning designs!

It all started when I moved in with a (now ex) boyfriend. Neither of us had ever lived with a bf/gf before, and he was the type who *really* liked his space. he was convinced I was going take him away from his "guy time". So one day I was wandering down the street and stumbled accross the most wonderfull little bead shop. From there out, I was hooked! I was spending all my spare $$, and free time, on beads and wire. Before I knew it, the love for the boyfriend died, and the love of jewellery had blossomed into a love affair. I started with no experience, no vision of owning my own business, and no idea I would become what I have!