January 28, 2009

It all started with... featuring jinx1764

This week's feature is brought to you by Heather of jinx1764 in her shop you will find a range of items featuring feathers and birds. Heather specializes in making custom mementos of your favorite bird or pet from your photos and their feathers.

It all started with my parrot's molted feathers in August 2008. I decided to make a few pairs of feather earrings and sell them on ebay for fun. I sold 3 out of 4 pair in the first auction and was emailed by a lady who was outbid on a pair. She asked me if I was going to make more and then told me that people on caiqueforum.com were talking about my earrings. People I didn't even know! I joined and spoke when them and several people stated that they would love to have something made from their parrot's feathers. That's when it hit me...there's a niche market opportunity and I jumped on it. I've been an artist and crafter since I was a child but this is the first time I ever attempted to sell anything. So far I've sold over 30 items in less than 3 months; so I guess it's starting off well.


Laura said...

That is so cool. I love the way things happen. I hope this turns into something huge for you!!

Janet Campbell said...

Ooooh those are so pretty. I love peacock feathers. I painted a lady with peacock feathers on her hat not long ago.