September 30, 2008

Some beautiful undiscovered creations

I've been pouncing again and here are today's picks!

Tenderly Yellow Bird Strand by AdobePie
Double Triangle Necklace with Disc by sonyarasi
Golden Bamboo Vintage Vera from PDXfabricdeli
Lavender Soap by HandMadebyMaya

Primitive Friend Quote Checkbook Cover and Pocket Notebook by curlyqcrow
Hand dyed superwash merino sock yarn -- SHADOWPLAY by RainyDaysWoolyDogs
Small Christmas Bulb Gift Bags from ATouchOfLouisiana
Tote Bag - Off White Saving the Earth's My Bag with red flowers and purple butterfly by bagsofbags

September 29, 2008

All weekend I haven't been able to turn on the television without being absolutely bombarded with updates about the Presidential race. Its getting pretty close to the wire now so how about another dose of some sweet sweet politics on this fine Monday morning ;)

It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to find some pro-McCain crafts :P

1. Pro-Obama button by psychedelictara, $2.99
2. Palin power button by messageonabutton, $1.25
3/4. Democrat/ Republican finger puppets by mullishmuse, $12 each set
5. Obama kilt pin by TheGoblinTree, $12.99
6. McCain antenna topper by IndulgeYourSelf, $3

This is also my last post, as it is now just about the end of the month. I enjoyed my guest spot, thanks Connie!

Leaving you with some inspiration

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun! I can't believe it's my last post here but I absolutely have had a ball and hope you have enjoyed my company. I am going to leave you with some images of the kind of thing that really inspires me.....lace. First, vintage off white lace from Surplize. I could have so much fun with this piece! This exquisite lace trim is available from SalvageNation just look at all the pattern forms, this tiny section could inspire for a long time!
These garters from Garter Lady take me back to the time of Gone with the Wind, how much inspiration was in that clothing, those flounces and skirts????
and finally, the most beautiful and detailed lace edged napkins from Amusebouche, aren't they just to die for!
These are the kind of things I am going to be examining in very close detail as I begin a new body of work. It has been such a pleasure to be here these past four weeks! Thanks so much, Karen.

September 28, 2008

Just dropping in...

To let all of our readers know that we are running a giveaway starting on Wednesday! So be sure to tune in for that!


September 25, 2008


This week's feature meme is by Marilyn of Pulp Sushi an Etsy shop owner who sells lots of fun, bright, and kitschy jewelry! We asked Marilyn to tell us 5 things that she's been doing to prep for the holidays and here's what she responded with:

1) STOCK UP! I have ordered a ton of supplies and business cards. I'm still not done! I still to get some shipping material too like padded envelopes and boxes. I just set up an account with I'm still trying to figure it out. :)

2) I have three craft shows coming up right smack in the middle of the holiday season so I purchased my own table. It saves on rentals and it pays itself back quick. I am also about to start working on a big Holiday craft event my etsy team is preparing for which will be held December 13th so throw that into the Holiday prep mix. So if you can get yourself into a craft show, do it! They're great alternatives to the mall which a lot of people want to avoid and you won't have to worry about shipping your items!

3) Look into Holiday Gift Guides. There are SO many out there so I have to pick and choose which ones I think will be worth my buck. It definitely pays to participate in one. It's great to offer a discount exclusively for buyers who found you in the guide so you can if the guide is working in your favor. I did it last year for the first time and I have no regrets. The website hosting the gift guide will do the promoting for you!

4) Network with other sellers! I am a member of the The {NewNew} York Etsy Team ( and we just set up a bartering system where sellers in the group list the skills, equipment or supplies they are interested in offering, and those which you would be interested in receiving. It can save money on ordering bulk supplies like bags, ribbons, ink, etc during this crazy time of year.

5) Keep creating! Make sure to still make time to make new items. Don't let the holidays slow you down from keeping your shop fresh.

If you're reading this you've been tagged to play! Just copy the question, answer it and post it on your blog or in the comments section here!

Feeling Blue

What sort of a response can one expect when typing the word blue into the etsy search feature, you may ask. The answer, dear reader, would be over 500 pages of vintage gems in varying shades of blue hues. Believe you me, narrowing all the options down to a manageable size was no easy task. I somehow muddled my way through (all in the name of good blogging), and here you have my top picks for your browsing pleasure:
1950's royal blue felt hat with feather from Back in Style
Neato Vintage Portable Dusty Blue Miniature Fan Fanette from The Lovelys
VINTAGE MAP TACKS - Blue with White Numbers, 12 Pack from Kits & Caboodles
Vintage Shabby Cottage Chic Teal Blue Colander Strainer from Second Hand News

60's General Electric GE retro alarm clock from Rocky Mountain Retro
Pintucks and Spiked Heels - Blue Leather Pumps by CARESSA from Verseau Vintage
Navy Blue Sweater Dress from Jess James Jake
Vintage Plastic Blue Moon Cows calf - pair from Blood of Bee

Thermo Serve Blue Floral Tumblers Set of 6 from Five Petals Red
CUTEST vintage RUFFLED COWGIRL dress from Allen Company Inc.
blue farrah from Cap Cap designs
Vintage Black and Blue Suede Pumps from Goodwiu Vintage

Vintage 80's jumpsuit shorts BLUE stripes M romper jumper from Cold Cold Cobra
vintage suitcase - monarch - blue from moxiethrift
Vintage . bella . Blue . wrap . White . SWAN . skirt from Pretty Little World
Vintage Owl Trivet Set of 4 from Retro Rubbish

xo, Caroline

September 24, 2008

Without supplies...

none of us would be crafting so here's a few of the many many supply shops on Etsy.

From left to Right:
In these shops you will find:
1. Handspun yarns from kittygrrlz
2. Button parts and accessory blanks from FiddlersCreekDesigns
3. Wooden soap mold from countrycottagesoap
4. Ribbon necklaces and assorted charms from assortedgoodies
5. Glass tiles and magnets from TheCraftyDragonfly
6. Aanraku bails and fusing supplies from RayDichroic
7. Chiyogami paper and scrabble tile supplies from SupplyRiot
8. Glass beads and other findings from charmerz
9. Vintage beads and findings from atomicveggiecom

September 23, 2008

Go to work in style!

I was browsing Dawanda today and I came across a lot of gorgeous clothing. I never realized how hard it is to shop on Etsy for clothing because it gets buried under everything. Anyways, I found some items that are perfectly suited for work.

1. Vintage Black Pencil Skirt from immaculatemeg, 18 EUR
2. dress rétro Sérénade by Mathe-HB 49.90 EUR
3. Brown Jacket by carla-maria, 258 EUR
4. 20s style trousers from VESTdesign 119.00 EUR

September 22, 2008

The men of Etsy

Its that time of the week again: Monday! That means its time for another post from Myself, Shannon of Wicked Pleasures. I'm a bit late today (life gets busy sometimes), but I wanted to showcase some of our talented boys. Etsy is made up of only 5% male sellers, and here's just a taste of what they have to offer.

1. Japanese schoolgirl shirt by 57thirtythree, $35.
2. Heart tree shirt by PoisonAppleShirts, $21.50.
3. Pueblo Mission cross by AccentsbyDave, $42.50.
4. Black and red chainmail bracelet by ChildLabor, $10.
5. Nautical Star wristband by xxrobot, $4.50.
6. "I am yours" by johnclark, $100.

Dreaming of being this talented

Hi again! A happy monday to everyone. If you have visited my blog this week you will have noticed that I am feeling a certain amount of inadequacy. The cause of all this.........artwork! and basically my inability to produce anything worthy of the name. Try as I might, and boy have I tried, I just don't come up to scratch. Today then I am going to show you the levels to which I aspire, but don't hold your breath.....I don't think it will ever happen!
First up The La La Shop, a veritable treasure trove of glorious art, I can't even choose a favourite they are all so amazing, see if you can. Next, Made by Milla. This lady can turn her hand to just about anything, badges, sketches, spooky doll face brooches and even fascinating collage like the one shown here.
My Folk Lover has the most imaginative prints I have ever seen. I am totally in awe here.
and finally, check out the work of Kelly Rae, what I wouldn't give to be able to produce this kind of art!

Now do you see what I am up against! I am most definitely a frustrated artist/illustrator with a lot of work to do and a lot of ground to make up!
Next week is my last guest post here. I will spend the next 7 days racking my brains in order to leave you with something extra special....until then, have an amazing week! Karen.

September 19, 2008


I thought that we could all use a bit of cheer at the end of the week and soft cute plushies always put a big smile on my face :)

1. All the Toys for Giant Drag, 2. Lolly Dollies!, 3. Fominha, 4. Spotted ray, 5. IMG_4954, 6. Stegosaurus

Get your items featured on the blog by joining our Flickr group and adding your photos to the pool.

September 18, 2008

Tea Party

I'm more of a summer person, but one thing I really love about cooler weather is padding around the house with a hot cup of tea. In the mornings I like to sip quietly while taking a moment sit alone and contemplate the upcoming day before things get hectic. In the evenings, it can be nice to change into something comfortable and relax with a cup while reflecting on the day's happenings. 

It's all about the details.

There's always something special about handcrafted cards because they are made by the hands of someone with patience, love and thoughtfulness but there's something extra special about the cards found in amyzo's shop. They are made by someone with a great eye for details whether it be the the type of ribbon or the color scheme everything is just perfect right down to the last button. In the shop you'll find a wide range of cards for occasions like birthdays, weddings, and baby showers, etc... and if you can't find it then request it!

Spotlight on Guest Writer Shannon

Good morning all!

I'd like to introduce to you to Shannon another one of our very talented guest writers this month. Shannon has an Etsy shop called WickedPleasures from which she sells handknit phone and ipod cozies. Here is a sample of her marvelous work.

and don't forget to tune in on Mondays for her posts :)

September 17, 2008

Country Life

Katrina here! Despite living on Canada's left coast, where you're far more likely to see someone driving to Starbucks than driving a tractor, I consider myself a country girl at heart. There's just something about the sights, smells, and sounds of the farm - the sweet grass, the rumble of the tractor engine in the distance, the low mooing from the grazing cattle ... it's homey. Here are some fabulous farm finds!

Champion quarter horse mare print - Giddy Up Studio
Harry the Rooster - Sej
'Ride On' gocco art card - Two Guitars
'Cow' original oil - RozArt

Tractor no. 2 - bndesigns

Soleil - christianedesbiens

Folk art rooster - Pegs Kitchen Studio

Mitten the Goat - Nature Mandalas


This week's feature meme is by LoveLaurie a shop owner on Etsy that sells polymer clay decorated sewing items. Many of you may recognize her from the first photo as it is her forum avatar over at Etsy so be sure to give her a shout out if you see her around! Anyways, we asked Laurie to give us the questions and the answers to the top 5 questions that people like to ask her about herself, her work, her life, etc...". Here's what she came up with:

1. Is Laurie your real name, or is it Laura?
My legal name is Laurie.

2. Why don't you sell this stuff?
Up until 2 months ago, the answer was " I don't know, do you really think people would buy it?" Now, the answer is "I do! Would you like my business card?" lol!

3. How many kids do you have?
I have 2 teenagers ages 14 and 17.

4. Wow, you haven't lost that accent yet?
You can't take the Boston out of the girl, and why would you want to?

5. What made you think of making these??
It just sort of happens. My mind is sort of like Willy Wonka's Factory, a strange but fascinating place, lol.

If you're reading this you've been tagged to play too!

September 16, 2008

More Tuesday Pounce!

Howdy, Katrina here! Phew! What can I say, it's been one of those days ... one of those weeks actually! My schedule has been thrown off and I completely forgot what day it was!! I see that Connie has already posted some pounce, but these finds are too great not to share. So here you go - more Tuesday pounce!

"The Gift" - Nature Photos

Sunny chocolate dessert plates - atelierBB

Natural white turquoise necklace - Lou Lou Jewelry

Primitive "apples" sign - Signs Of The Thymes

"That Old Barn" - Watercolor Studio

"The Rest" - Gaby Hughes

Tuesday Pounce!

I've been pouncing and I stumbled upon this wonderful little shop called Drenchedinwhite that sells these amazing fun colored original paintings that have a soft white look. Just looking at them makes me smile and fill up with joy. I hope they do the same for you.

Tokyo, $120

Two Hills, $120

City Birds, $250

Spotlight on Guest Writer Karen

Not sure if all of you readers noticed but Karen from contemporarystitches has joined the Sweet Figments blog this month to share all of her favorite finds. Yesterday she posted about some very talented needleworkers that have touched her heart so if you're interested scroll down to read. Here are some of my favorites from Karen's shop.

September 15, 2008

Monday is here again, and that means another find from me, Shannon of Wicked Pleasures.

This week I discovered a fantastic artist, TiffanysBoutique on Etsy. This mom of two has been crafty as long as she can remember, but acquired a passion for fused glass after seeing it at a local art show. Now she makes beautiful pendants and one of a kind pieces of jewlery that are definatly worth checking out.

Stitch, stitch and more stitch

Hi everyone, hapy monday! It's me again, the guest writer who can't create a mosaic no matter how hard she tries! Yes, Karen from Contemporary Embroidery and Contemporary Stitches. Last week I promised you stitch and here it is, some of my favourite embroidered pieces from the world wide web.
I am passionate about hand stitch and the pieces I have chosen here really get me, deep inside, I get all churned up. Those of you with the same passion will know exactly what I am talking about. Needle Chanting by One By Jude captures everything I associate with the origins of hand embroidery, utility stitches, borne from necessity yet beautiful in their execution.
Whilst Test Stitching on a Small Quilt by kotkarankki evidences the lovingly created domestic textiles which have been created by women, for their families, since time began.
Mended by Enhabiten, delicately enhanced with repairing stitch, demonstrates how the functional can also remain beautiful.

and finally, Cloth of Gold 2 by Threadspider proves that our love of embroidery, borne from necessity through the ages, has brought us to a time where we challenge tradition and push boundaries.

These pieces, I hope, will touch you as they have touched me and if embroidery has never been 'your thing', I hope they have at least led to a curiosity within you.

Got milk?

Milk does the body goooooooood! So here's your daily dose of calcium. :)

1. Happy Milk 2.25-inch Pinback Button by cowcowchickenstore, $1.50
2. Spilt Milk Print by katcharly, $15
3.Moo Moo Cow Rubber Stamp by nikoart, $4
4. Cookies And Milk Necklace by CuteAbility, $14
5. Milk Carton Screen Print Plushie by DogboneArt, $6.50
6. NEW... NYC themed milk bottle set from the Antique Replica bottle series by alyssaettinger, $110

September 12, 2008

A new season...

A new season means new color schemes and the a color that I think is perfect for the upcoming season is copper. Snatch up these unique copper creations and bring some life to your fall wardrobe.

From left to right:
1. Turquoise and Copper Ring, 2. Triple Strand Copper Bracelet, 3. Mobile phone charm with cream theme, 4. Sugarlust, 5. Copper Flower, 6. Dusty Rose, 7. Empty Bowl Bracelet, 8. Lock Me Up Earrings, 9. Tiny Pumpkins

September 11, 2008

Happy Trails

I apologize for doing my vintage post late today. We've had some relatives visiting from out of town this week, and I have found myself busy running to and fro showing them all the sights. It did get me thinking about travel gear, though, and I am of the opinion that everyone should have some lovely vintage gems on standby for the occasional (or frequent) trip.

One must use a bag for travelling, and these lovely options will stand out from the rest so you can spend less time looking through luggage and more time on your adventures.

Then there are the things you'll need to put in the luggage - reading material, an alarm clock, grooming tools, and a way to track your travel expenses. These items are so cute you'll want to whip them out to set your temporary lodgings in order the moment you arrive.

xo, Caroline

Who doesn't need a good coat?

With summer ending and the cold weather coming at full speed I thought you might need some help picking out a vintage trench coat or two? After lots of browsing here are my top 6 picks and all at prices that won't put a huge hole in your wallet. Well, with the exception of #5 hehe.

1. SIXTIES TOFFEE WOOL VINTAGE COAT from salvagelife, $78
2. 70s Irish Tweed Trench from nickiefrye, $46
3. Dramatic Military Trench Pea Coat in Navy Blue with Belt from shopgoodgrace, $38
4. 70s vintage cute mini spy spring coat with a belt from decades, $52
5. Oleg Cassini Vintage 80s Dynasty Glamour Mink Fur and Leather Coat Jacket M L from tialeyvintage, $625
6. Plaid Academy Coat from HihloStudio, $52

September 10, 2008

Beautiful, Creative Vancouver Island

Katrina here! I live on what is quite possibly the most beautiful island in the world - Vancouver Island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. It's a large island with many cities and towns and, as I've discovered, many talented Etsians! I recently created the Etsy Vancouver Island Street Team (EtsyVanIsle) and have gotten to know some amazingly talented artists and craftspeople. Here are some finds from the EtsyVanIsle team!

Dreadlock sleeve - Knottysleeves
Headband with Asian brocade buttons - Melissa Abram
Frog pacifier clip - Mommysyellinggirl
Christmas cherub - From the Sea
Shabby chic totebag/purse - Delice Design

Brim hat - Gavin Gear

Chain maille bracelet - dragonsfire

Statue postcard - Sack of Devils

Crown clips - Hair Flair


We asked Courtney of Courtney Bath Boutique to tell us 5 things that the average soap buyer doesn't know about the soapmaking process and here's what she came up with.

1. All soap is made with lye. Without lye there is no soap. There are many different types of lye, and different names, but they are lye just the same. This being said, the end result being the bar of soap should not contain any lye. It is used to make the soap, but once it’s mixed with the water and oils, it start a chemical reaction that changes the oils into soap and glycerin.

2. Many of the soaps that you buy in the store are not actually soap, but detergent. Don’t believe me? Turn the label over and read the ingredients. Usually, the main ingredients are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and/or its close relative Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are commonly used in many soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and other products that we expect to "foam up".

3. With so many different types of handmade soap, people often wonder which is the best. It really all depends on your personal preference. I have an unbiased opinion, because I make cold process, hot process, or melt and pour. Each has it’s own good qualities. You just need to read the ingredients to make sure that you’re getting the best oils for your skin.

4. Melt and pour is not inferior to cold process soap, so long as it is made with a base that does not contain chemicals and surfactants. Again, both have nice qualities.

5. Make sure that you get your soap from an experienced, and knowledgable soap maker. Anyone can just decide that they want to make soap one day, but it takes trial and error to formulate good recipes. You don’t want to buy soap from someone who just decided yesterday to try their hand at soap making. An experienced soap maker can answer all of your questions, and give you the best soap for your skin type.

*Opinions on soap vary, and this is not meant to upset anyone.

If you want to play along post 5 things about your favorite craft that most people don't know about in the comments area or on your blog and tag some friends to do it too. :)

Happy Reading!


September 9, 2008

I'm Taking a Stand.

As you may already know on Friday Sept 5th, 2008 all of the major television stations across the U.S. and Canada donated 1 hour of primetime television to support StandUp2Cancer. Today I'm taking a stand as a cancer survivor, a family member and a friend who has been affected by this disease and I am challenging you to do the same. Join me and make a donation to so that the cure will one day become a reality. So that no one else will have to suffer the loss and pain that this horrible disease has brought upon millions of families. STAND UP.

Tuesday Pounce!

Katrina here! It's Tuesday - time for Pounce Finds! Check out these great offerings from undiscovered shops!
Smooches pleated handbag from Miss Hillary
'Freshen Up' print from Red Toque
Poinsettia ornament from Canterbury Pottery
Kids' personalized bookends from E and H Designs
Shell photograph from Wavy Shell
Art glass plate from Mod Mix Art

September 8, 2008

There is no 'I'

For a long time, the coming of fall meant the coming of a new sports season. My brothers and I played soccer as kids. They played baseball, too and had friends who played footballs. Teams, lots of teams...and practices.

I'm posting about Etsy Teams though, a grassroots way of promoting Etsy to local communities and of giving Etsyans a way to collaborate with either like-minded crafters/designers or nearby ones. At last count there were over 17,000 members on Etsy teams. They have become an integral part of the Etsy community.

I'm a member of the Connecticut Etsy Street Team, as well a few others. Here are a few items from the CT team.
Click and enjoy!

Mini Mosaic Mirror SWEET CAROLINE Chic Floral from GeminiMoonMosaics
Sidewinder - Tear Drop Shaped Polymer Clay Pendant from analiese
Fuschia and Brown Feather and Fan Scarf hand painted yarn ooak from MsKittyFantastico aka our fearless leader
Sparkly Bird Mini Cards Set of 12 from sarich215
Pink Plaid Bag from gardencris27