December 16, 2008

Oh baby it's cold outside!

Extremely cold! It's about - 6 degrees outside right now which isn't really normal for winter in Vancouver not in the daytime at least. Or maybe it is? I just haven't noticed until now because I'm usually working during the winters or indoors but I've been out and about doing my holiday shopping the last few days and the cold + me do not go well together. Anyways, these are some of my favorite stay dry and warm items.

Owl brown print scarf wrap shawl Long - Pretty Raccoon

Custom Cashmere Crochet Handwarmers - adventuresofjr

Isadora RAIN CAPE - isadoraclothing

Prairie Boots - moocowhandknits


old world primitives said...

Great picks, I really like them all - especially the scarf!

Tina said...

I really like the handwarmers. Those are the cutest ones I've seen.

Mayhem said...

I love the handwarmers!

6 degrees...that's what I've been dealing with too.

Lncgreetings said...

wow thats rediculously cold-- here at virginia beach yesterday it was in the 60s.... my partner and i walked along the beach last night barefoot and it seemed sooo awkward-- the warmth with the cool ocean breeze.... and the luminescent boardwalk decorated with holiday lights and such.

KayzKreationz said...

I really like those cashmere crochet handwarmers. They look warm.