December 9, 2008

It all started with... featuring kaboogie

This week's feature is brought to you by Audrey of kaboogie who makes adorable baby shoes and boots for "babies who love to boogie"!

It all started with my 6th child, a bin full of dingy old hand me down baby shoes, and my husband's old bomber jacket. A friend gave me a beat up old pair of soft soled shoes, so I cut them up and made a pattern. I was hooked!! Then cut up a pair of little cloth mary jane's and made another, and another; suede, felted wool, fleece, everything recycled! You see, I hate spending money on "stuff". Eventually I decided this design had to be "mine" and not just another knock off. I remembered the mocs I had bought for my first boy, you know, the ones that never stayed tied. Thus I developed my standard, the Boogie Moc! Everyone wanted some! I realized I can actually do this when my best friend made me sign up for etsy! Thanks Etsy, you gave me an outlet for my passion!


kaboogie said...

Thanks so much, I was checking my google alerts this morning and there I was! It's a great blog, too, I'll definitely be back!