November 24, 2008

Print Addict!

There are so many different types of prints out there! Digital, Gocco, Giclee, Letterpress, Screen Print, Mixed Media, etc... It's hard not to fall in love with them all! Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Allusion - yellena
2. Doxie Duet - kerrybeary
3. Maidenhair Fern - ColorBoxDesign
4. Little Sparrows - yumiyumi
5. Original Mixed Media on Canvas - "Iris No 1" - magicjelly
6. A mother's work is never done - badbird


BackwoodSophisticate said...

I love browsing all the fabulous prints on etsy! badbird is awesome!

Chelsea Ling said...

These are all totally cute... I have so many prints in my etsy faves!

Caroline said...

I love yumiyumi. That shop always has the best prints. I'm also really liking those bunnies.