November 5, 2008

Gadget Lovers

Now, I don't know about you but I have a gazillion gadgets ranging from cellphones to cameras to gaming consoles so here's a few ideas for the people in your life who are gadget obsessed! I could probably make good use of every item on this list!

From left to right:
1. MP3/Ipod Sleeve - cipolla 2. Gizzy The Dataworm - NifNaks 3. Techie - dcdesigns 4. Bright Yellow Podzilla For Ipod Nano - strawberrykitten 5. Animal Kingdom Nintendo DS Skin - NoveltyGallery 6. Aluminum MacBook Houndstooth ISockit- blytheking 7. Floopy Booky - contexto 8. Pink And Green Argyle Camera Strap - PhatStraps 9. IDE Ribbon Cable Bracelet - CompuWare 10. Apple Mac Geek T-shirt - popdestroy 11. Pacman OR Ms. Pacman Magnets - nicedesigns 12. Xbox 360 Controller Earrings - TheClayCollection 13. Surfer King - Retro Modern Abstract Mousepad - billoneil 14. Gadget Keeper - janinekingdesigns 15. Sleepy Sheep Cellphone Charm - MissPurl


Keyomi said...

ok i get it. But in the rules, it said, find a store you like and blog bout them. I didnt really read the part bout finding a blog who is doing a giveaway so i wrote bout this etsy shop that i liked.

sorry. will try again if i find one!

Keyomi said...

ok. i will write bout tidbits and bits. its a lovely shop. will write back with the link.
thank you for such a fab. giveaway !!

DragoninKnots said...

Great assortment of items!

Tag you're it! Have fun!

TurtleMommy said...

great stuff!! I saw that DS skin today when I searched for WII stuff. =]