November 9, 2008

Don't forget about your furry friends!

These days it seems like EVERYONE has a dog or a cat or some sort of furry friend! So, let's not forget that our loyal companions deserve to be spoiled too! Check out these awesome pet gift ideas! My personal fav is the Starbarks Dog house with the Cat Bed (Dog Rug) being a very close runner up. heheLeft to right:
1. Corgi Poster - throwmeabone 2. HandMade Felt Banana Catnip toy - Handmade 3. Bon Appetite Pet Bowl - parischicboutique 4. WoofWoof and Sew On Dog Collar - BiceDesigns 5. Pet Bed - anniessweatshop 6. Medium Critter Pouch - crittercargo 7. Copper Pet Tags -jmanigrossi
8. Cat Bed (Dog Rug) - natdesigns2003 9. Mini Starbarks Indoor Dog House - yappyhappy 10. Happiness Is A Horizontal Print Adjustable Leash - houndmade 11. Cheese Please Organic Dog Treats - Organidog 12. Pet Crazy's Cat Nip Mouse With Bell - PetCrazy