October 6, 2008

Ughh!! A dentist appointment!

Pearl Tooth Fairy Plushie by MillieFern

I've got a dentist appointment tomorrow... all I have to say is it's not my idea of fun. When I was about 4 or 5 I had a really horrible experience at the dentist. Like all kids I was afraid of needles and even more afraid of the laughing gas mask... I was also a very stubborn kid and I basically refused to open my mouth for the doctor. Instead of doing something to calm me down the doctor decides that I need to have my arms and legs strapped down to the chair and that's exactly what he did. I was so traumatized I refused to go to the dentist for years. Of course, I had to go eventually but never at that dentist ever again. I now have a great dentist whom I've been going to for years and I'm no longer afraid of needles thanks to them.

Don't forget to floss by mickmunk13


muchlove said...

That plushie is adorable.
I still feel traumatized of going to the dentist :( I should find a new and friendlier one.

viv said...

just found your blog that softie is adorable...I just started going to the dentist again after a while ....so I had to get two root canals not fun at all.