October 30, 2008

Say Cheese

Few things make a cuter decor piece than a vintage camera. There is just something about the history of an old camera that is very alluring. Whenever I run across one I tend to daydream about what special occasions it may have captured or what memories it has helped to immortalize. I find these four to be particularly delightful.
xo, Caroline


Lindsey said...

Oooh, gorgeous! Vintage cameras are a weakness of mine. My boyfriend and I collect them. My favorites are the folding kind, like the Vintage Folding Camera you listed. I call them the "accordion style" cameras :)

Caroline said...

I always think accordion when I see those types too!

Tara said...

ooh those are awesome! makes me want dig out my parents camera when i'm home for the holidays. i just found a great vintage typewriter, which is a great thing to have out too!