October 28, 2008

I got my Handmade Sampler today!

For those of you who do not know the Handmade Sampler it's a bag filled with goodies that artists send in each month. The samples are packaged and sent to bloggers, retail stores and posted on the site so you too can purchase one. Opening one of these is like opening a present on your Birthday or Christmas! There's lots of really cute and fun things that are suitable for everyone in the family. Plus, it comes in a pretty blue tote bag that you can use when you go grocery shopping!

Here's the wonderful stuff I found in this month's Handmade Sampler:

Artist Trading Card - Out on a Whim Studio
Bug Holder- Weird Bug Lady
Recycled ring/pendant - Recycled Arts
Ghost pencil - Funky Pencils
Origami Girl Tag - Hawaii Monkey

Charm/recipe card - It's Very Cute
Postcard - Benconservato
4x6 Photograph - Views of paradise
Create a calendar - I Find Hope

Soap Sample - The Pig and the Peacock
Hair clip - Tu2cute
Business Card - Krista Face
Business Card - Move The Needle
Artist print/coupon - Zuppa Artista
Business Card - Wren Willow
Business Card - Custom Dog Bandanas & Pet Products

Support handmade! If you are interested in purchasing or submitting samples to the Handmade Sampler please visit their website http://handmadesampler.com


Tricia said...

Love the pictures Connie! It's perfect and I'm posting it to my site right now.

Just letting everyone know that I'll be having another one in Nov. and I'll be giving away free bags again (on etsy).

Hope you enjoyed your bag with all the goodies!