October 30, 2008

The Blog A Day Giveaway! - GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED

We're hosting a giveaway this month and is a massive one! We've got 30 amazing prizes to giveaway. So let's get started shall we?

This is a little different than our usual giveaways but I thought it would be fun since most of us will be shopping for holiday gifts anyways. I love to blog and if you do too this giveaway is perfect for you! Browse through our wonderful list of giveaway contributors and find shops or items on the list that you like and write about them on YOUR blog, Myspace, Ning site or any other type of post that you can link to. Then, come back and leave us a comment with your contact info (email address) and a link to the blog post and tell us who you blogged about. I will post up reminders daily so you don't forget! BUT, if you are busy or you miss a day or two you can blog about up to 2 shops per day.

♥ If you blog about more than 1 shop per day you will have to post up seperate comments for each individual shop you blogged about for it to count. For example if you posted about 2 shops the first comment would say "I blogged about shop1 - http://shop1.etsy.com/" and the second comment would say I blogged about shop2 - http://shop2.etsy.com/
♥ Enter once for each shop! That's up to 30 times! 30 chances to win!
Interenational residents can enter too!
♥ Contest starts Oct 31st and ends December 4th at 11:59pm (EST)
♥ Winners will be drawn using a random number generator and a winners list will be posted on Dec 8th. Be sure to check back to claim your prize.

Here are some fun topics and ideas for you to blog about!

♥ Blog about your favorite item from a shop along with a photo and link to the shop
♥ Pick something that reminds you of a story from your life and tell us about it
♥ Post about who you would buy a gift for from a shop
♥ Pretend to be a critic and review a shop
♥ Create a questionaire for a shop owner to fill out
♥ Choose 4 items from the shop that you think work together as a group (by colour, pattern etc.) ♥ Post about your wishlist from one of the shop
♥ Tell us why you like the shop
♥ Pick an item from X shop as great gift idea for "Dad" or "Grandma" or one of those hard-to-buy-for-people
♥ get a shop owner to fill out a meme
♥ If you are a past customer of one of these shops tell us about your experience shopping with them


♥ Fruit Variety Candle Gift Set from Moodwax, $26
♥ 15 oz. palm/beeswax blend pillar scented in our Cinnamon Spice essential oil blend from BeSem Natural Scents, $20
♥ Ice Crystal Resin Necklace from PennyDogAccessories, $24
♥ Xmas Dancer Gift Set from kittyhawke, $95
♥ Snow Bunny washi covered notebook and a Japanese fabric badge set from Asking For Trouble, $21
♥ Fabric Shopping Bag and Earrings from avocadocreations, $28
♥ Desert Dreams Hairsticks from stringmealong, $15
♥ Rose Quartz and Leather Earrings from HeartofaCowgirl, $16.95
♥ Handbound Leather Journal (7x4, 300 pgs) from myhandboundbooks, $30
♥ STUD from museacdonline, $18.50
♥ Silver plated Marsa Ring ,Two Beaded beads and Polymer Clay Flower Pillow Bead from dicopebisuteria, $24
♥ Island Vibe burp cloth from SnugBugClothing, $22
♥ Red Hum Love - Original Scratchboard from TidbitsandBits, $25
♥ Pink and Green box from gmistudio, $15
♥ Limited Edition Cloud Print Wristlet from TheTinyFig, $28
♥ Evergreen Earrings from GenuineArticle, $35
♥ Your choice of any pewter pendant from 2monkees, $15
♥ For the Birds - Felted Birdhouse Ornament in Pinks & Browns from thatissocute, $15
♥ Black and White Floral Bangle from tooaquarius, $25
♥ Orbitals 3-strand Wire Crochet Bracelet 'mod dots' in purple from pomomamadesign, $25
♥ Marbled Earth Earrings from chendric, $18
♥ Sweet Tooth Gift Set from threeofwands, $26.75
♥ Loves Me, Loves Me Knot from xiztance, $40
♥ Lucky Fishpond Necklace from majentadesigns, $15
♥ Hazy Raindrop Earrings from zahour, $35
♥ Shark Attack Dog Leash from Organidog, $15
♥ Sterling Silver Drip Necklace from BeadsInTheBelfry, $25
♥ A Little Black Box from littleblackboxes, $23
♥ Falling Leaves - Hand Spun Merino Wool from jilldrapermakesstuff, $20
♥ Custom Gift Set (Scrub, Butter, and Perfume) in White Gift Box with Ribbon from thegardenbath, $25

For an extra chance to win post an entry on your blog and invite your friends to join in on the blogging, then come back and post a link to the entry in the comments section.

Good luck to all and Happy Blogging!

Say Cheese

Few things make a cuter decor piece than a vintage camera. There is just something about the history of an old camera that is very alluring. Whenever I run across one I tend to daydream about what special occasions it may have captured or what memories it has helped to immortalize. I find these four to be particularly delightful.
xo, Caroline

Don't forget!

Tomorrow we're kicking off a big giveaway so be sure to check back for details!!!

October 29, 2008

Ooopsie I almost forgot...

The winner of the Bubbly Shnooks Giveaway is #66 Olivia. Congrats! :)

You didn't think I was done did you?

It's by birthday today and I thought I'd share a few more things that I have fallen in love with. Maybe if the Canadian dollar was still close to par with the U.S. dollar I would have bought some of them as a gift to myself.

1. Lolita Under Lock and Key Earrings from PoisonAppleNYC
2. Masao from joodito
3. Hooded Scarf from LittleHouses
4. 2009 calendar from behappynow
5. Small Bunny Vase from prettyrandomobjects
6. Teddy Mouse Pad with Rest from qOOp
7. Just He/Just She colorful bowls from Studiotto
8. Tiny Chick Drop Earrings from Johannarutter
9. Spinning Ring from chrisparry
10. Day Dream Necklace from enamoured
11. Long Leaf Earrings from lilarubyking
12. SNIP.... Women's V-neck Tshirt from phippsart

October 28, 2008

My Birthday Wishlist

It's my birthday tomorrow so I thought I'd share some of my favorite things :D

1. Cumulonimbus II from silentgoddess
2. Reusable Yellow Ume Bento Box with Sushi Soap-Green Tea and Cake Fragrances from midohana
3. Fawn Secret Journal from SecretMe
4. This Way Home Earrings from themusesjewels
5. Random from 3dots
6. Halloween Hoot Owl from FantasticToys
7. Forest's Band from mollyjey
8. Red and Grey Earrings from fionachapman
9. Mezzanine from intertwingle
10. Color Me Plaid from KellyMadden
11. Bumbershoot. Keyring. from clevergirl
12. Turquoise Tree Wallet from getfeltup


The Tiny Fig Handmade Gifts & Accessories

I got my Handmade Sampler today!

For those of you who do not know the Handmade Sampler it's a bag filled with goodies that artists send in each month. The samples are packaged and sent to bloggers, retail stores and posted on the site so you too can purchase one. Opening one of these is like opening a present on your Birthday or Christmas! There's lots of really cute and fun things that are suitable for everyone in the family. Plus, it comes in a pretty blue tote bag that you can use when you go grocery shopping!

Here's the wonderful stuff I found in this month's Handmade Sampler:

Artist Trading Card - Out on a Whim Studio
Bug Holder- Weird Bug Lady
Recycled ring/pendant - Recycled Arts
Ghost pencil - Funky Pencils
Origami Girl Tag - Hawaii Monkey

Charm/recipe card - It's Very Cute
Postcard - Benconservato
4x6 Photograph - Views of paradise
Create a calendar - I Find Hope

Soap Sample - The Pig and the Peacock
Hair clip - Tu2cute
Business Card - Krista Face
Business Card - Move The Needle
Artist print/coupon - Zuppa Artista
Business Card - Wren Willow
Business Card - Custom Dog Bandanas & Pet Products

Support handmade! If you are interested in purchasing or submitting samples to the Handmade Sampler please visit their website http://handmadesampler.com

October 27, 2008

Sweet Figs - Email finds

I love sorting through my emails and finding wonderful stuff. If you've got something you think fits in with the Sweet Figments blog feel free to send me an email! sweetfigments [at] hotmail.com

In the shops you will find:
1. Stylish handbags - Emma Gordon London
2. Funky home accessories - Hunkydory Home
3. Vintage vintage vintage! - Immaculate Heart Vintage Fashion
4. Gorgeous earrings - CoquitoDesigns 15% off with code: INDIE15
5.Sleeves for your mini laptops - House of Adeline
6. High quality prints of photographs, graphics and children's illustrations - L'Affiche Moderne

October 25, 2008

Featured Sponsor: PrincessInDisguise

Be sure to stop by PrincessInDisguise and take a look at Sarah's beautiful creations. She's offering free shipping to all Sweet Figments readers if you just convo her with the code "sweet figments" at checkout.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Bubbly Shnooks giveaway for your chance to win your favorite paper item as a prize!

October 24, 2008

I love Autumn colors!

Check out some of the Autumn beauties in our flickr group!

1. Autumn, 2. Autumn is here., 3. Autumn Hair Clips, 4. happy fall kisses card, 5. changing leaves shrinky dinks, 6. rebecca, 7. Acorn Necklace, 8. Autumn Earrings, 9. Eggplant Leaves Earrings

October 23, 2008

Wild West

Though I grew up in a smallish town in Utah, I've always been a city girl at heart.  I prefer crowds to wide open spaces and high rise apartments to sprawling ranch houses.  I do, however, find myself frequently drawn to certain elements of western style.  

I'm quite fond of the following items in particular because I think they each, in their own way, manage to combine seemingly contradicting elements - pretty with a wild side or polished with rough edges for example - to form a most pleasing whole.  So here you have 'em, my top picks for vintage gems suited to a city girl looking for some western flair:
xo, Caroline


This week's feature meme is brought to you by Emily of Boutique Girl Gifts. Emily's shop is full of adorable baby goodies for both your boys and your girls. She offers bibs and blanket as well as other useful household items. We asked Emily to tell us 5 things she should be doing instead of filling out this meme and here's what she said:

1) creating new items for my craft show this weekend. You can never have too much stock, variety is the spice of life!
2) Cleaning my house. Somehow the dust bunnies don't take care of themselves.
3) Packaging up business cards to trade with others to send out with their sales. Marketing, marketing, marketing.
4) Creating a more specific sales plan for the holidays. I sell functional, fun and funky things for mama and baby.
5) Blogging. I'm new to blogging, and haven't quite gotten into the swing of things.
Now if you're reading this you know how it works! You've been tagged to play so go post up 5 things you should be doing instead of filling out this meme on your blog or in our comments section.

October 22, 2008

Weekly Giveaway #4

This is the last of the October Giveaways! Be sure to tune in on October 31st for the details on the November Giveaway there are 30 great prizes to be won.

This week's giveaway is sponsored by Michelle from Bubbly Shnooks. A great chance for paper lovers to win some great stationery! Michelle has recently added some paper products to her shop and would love to get some feedback from our readers.

To Enter:
Visit Bubbly Shnooks' shop on Etsy, browse through the shop and leave a comment right back here on this blog post with your contact info (e-mail or blog address) and the name of your favorite paper product from the shop (any type of paper product you like best - a notepad, card set, paper tag set, art print, etc.). The contest runs from October 22- 28th. One person will be randomly selected at the end of the week by a number generator and will win the favorite item they picked! One entry per person please. This giveaway is open internationally, too - Bubbly Shnooks ships everywhere! Be sure to tell your friends to check it out for a chance to win fun paper goodies, too!

October 21, 2008

The winner of the Charmingz giveaway is...

#57 Monky. Congrats on winning this beautiful necklace! You will be contacted shortly by charmingz

The best of halloween costumes!

I'm almost shocked at how small the costume selection is on Etsy. Most of the items tutu's which are in a way costumes but not really what their original purpose is. What surprised me more is that costumes are pretty much non-existant over on Dawanda do Europeans not celebrate Halloween? I have no idea but some how I managed to pull these great costumes out from hundreds of Halloween-ish items.

1. Navy Blue Pirate Tricorn Hat by CynthiaM
2. Bullet Hole, Gunshot Effect Prosthetics by handpickednecklaces
3. Costume Fleece Animal Ears on headband by jenwolfstudio
4. Leather faerie mask in silver by TomBanwell
5. Snow White Tutu Costume by sweetmargurite
6. Blond Moustache Disguise by lupin

What are you planning to be for Halloween?

October 20, 2008

Vote for ME!

Oh how exciting! I woke up to an email from Elizabeth a Dawanda staff member letting me know that the Print and Pattern Blog has selected one of my items to be showcased on the front page! There's also a contest running for the featured items so GO VOTE for me and you could win a voucher to spend in my dawanda shop! Voting ends Oct 31st!

Ghosts, witches, bats, spiders...

I flipped through more than 50 pages of Halloween goodies and had a bit of help from some forum users to find these creepy items. Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without them!

1. Black Cat Wine Bottle Bag by Ayoka
2. Halloween Ornaments by HatCreekCreations
3. Eeeeekkk A Spider by poshpretties
4. Bat Goblets BIG 160z Glasses SET OF 4 by ThingsThatGoBump
5. Frankenstein Monster Magnet by bencandance
6. Gothic Doll Zee by newagedolls

October 18, 2008

Featured Sponsors

Please stop by the shops of two of our lovely sponsors!

and don't forget to enter the charmingz giveaway!

October 17, 2008

Flickr Fridays

More great finds from our flickr pool.

October 16, 2008


This week's feature meme is brought to you by Wendy of alphabettispaghetti. In Wendy's shop you will find the most stunning precious metal jewelry that you have ever set your eyes on. Everything is so simple and stylish that you won't want to take off once you've got it on! Anyways, we asked Wendy to tell us 5 random facts about herself and here's what she came up with:

1. I'm English but live in Italy
2. I love ants
3. When I was young I wanted to be a dentist
4. I used to have a pet wasp called Helen
5. I shook Princess Diana's hand

Now, if you're reading this you've been tagged to play along so post up 5 random facts about yourself on your blog or in the comments section. Have a great day!

Mary Toft's Orphanage for Wayward Curios

I've been in a bit of a dark mood lately, what with Halloween just around the corner and all. It was with great satisfaction then that I happened upon my new favorite etsy shop chock full of deliciously dark items just yesterday. Most of the goods here are either vintage or handmade from vintage bits.

If (for some bizarre and unexplainable reason) you are not as taken with these gems as I, you really should click over just to see the most delightful etsy banner of all time. It involves a bunny with a hankie tied to a stick.

xo, Caroline

October 15, 2008

Weekly Giveaway #3

We've got another great giveaway this week brought to you by Joe and Jenny of charmingz!

Charmingz is run by Joe and Jenny and they bring to you a shop full of beautiful hand stamped necklaces that can be customized to suit your needs. This week's stunning prize is a Hand Stamped Custom Necklace Valued at $24.

Oh, it would be such a treat to win this prize! If not your style, I'm sure a friend or family member would absolutely love it and what perfect timing with the holidays right around the corner! If I could I'd keep this one for myself.. ;)

To Enter:
All you have to do is visit Joe and Jenny's shop charmingz and comment on your favorite item from their shop here in this post. Be sure to leave us your contact info (email or blog link)! The contest is open to anyone (yes, international peeps too!). One entry per person please. The contest runs from October 15th - 21st. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on October 22nd. Be sure to tell all your friends and family about this!

And the winner of TheVacationlandDog giveaway is...

#18 Kaleidoscope Korner congratulations! You will be contacted soon regarding your prize of a lobsterlicious dog collar from TheVacationlandDog! Thank you so much to everyone who participated be sure to enter this week's giveaway!

October 14, 2008

Freshly Pounced!

Good morning all! I am still recovering from my thanksgiving dinner last night. I am so tired I can hardly type. Usually, I pick a few undiscovered shops for the Pounced feature of the week but as I was pouncing I came across this amazing shop called microcosm and I decided it just needed to be the center of attention for one day. Not only because the photos are amazing but the work is absolutely breath taking! See for yourself and you'll agree!

Textures in the Sand Pendant / Necklace - Sun

Spherical Urchin

Coral Urchin Jewelry Dish

Seapod Necklace

October 13, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians. I hope you are all enjoying a big meal with your family today :)

1. Pattern for Tom Turkey by Emporium
2. Pumpkin Pie Earrings by OneElf
3. Thanksgiving Turkey Lampwork Bead by Gelly
4. Boutique Polymer Clay Bead or Bow Center - THANKSGIVING TURKEY by CandylandBeads
5. Felt Turkey Clips by mazzy522
6. Thanksgiving Turkey for Barbie Chef Gina's by chefginas

October 10, 2008

Don't forget to enter!

We've got a great giveaway going on right now for all dog lovers out there! This is your chance to win a Lobsterlicous Dog Collar from TheVacationlandDog! See contest details by clicking the banner on the top left corner.

Flickr Fridays

New additions to the Flickr group
1. Toy horse, 2. Halloween Bat Charm/Pendant, 3. Orecchini con zucche - Pumpkin earrings, fimo polymer clay, 4. Fairy Castle, 5. Newton's Spicy Side, 6. Architecture inspired necklace, 7. Romantic Witch - Note Card Set, 8. Vision Board , 9. amoeba earrings

October 9, 2008

Dress Up

These pretty dresses could easily be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. They are also fully capable of taking you from season to season - wear them as is or layer them up in the cold:

xo, Caroline


This week's feature meme is brought to you by KiWiCuties an Etsy shop that sells amazing art and fun screenprinted tees. We thought we'd as them the top 5 things that are on their to-do list and here's how they responded:

The top 5 'To do' items for Kiwi, of KiWi Cuties fame:

5. Dolls - I'm working on prototypes for creating three dimensional ninjas, zombies, pirates, what-have-ya. Who
doesn't want to cuddle a ninja?

4. Jewelry - I've dabbled in the past with jewelry but I'm currently working on turning some of my paintings into
pendants. Since I don't have a shrink ray (that's all "Johnny Snow"), this is turning into a lot of work.

3. Advertising - Recently, I took a stab at using Project Wonderful for some blog-vertising. I need to step
up my efforts and maybe look to doing some advertising on some shop sites.

2. PRINT - Between the start of show season and holiday shopping, I always always get overwhelmed. This
year, I'm going to try to stay ahead of the game....or at least keep pace with the game.

1. Same thing we do every night....Try To Take Over The World!