September 29, 2008

Leaving you with some inspiration

Doesn't time fly when you are having fun! I can't believe it's my last post here but I absolutely have had a ball and hope you have enjoyed my company. I am going to leave you with some images of the kind of thing that really inspires me.....lace. First, vintage off white lace from Surplize. I could have so much fun with this piece! This exquisite lace trim is available from SalvageNation just look at all the pattern forms, this tiny section could inspire for a long time!
These garters from Garter Lady take me back to the time of Gone with the Wind, how much inspiration was in that clothing, those flounces and skirts????
and finally, the most beautiful and detailed lace edged napkins from Amusebouche, aren't they just to die for!
These are the kind of things I am going to be examining in very close detail as I begin a new body of work. It has been such a pleasure to be here these past four weeks! Thanks so much, Karen.


SalvageNation said...

What a pleasant surprise to see some of my lace on your blog. I appreciate you recognizing the shop and also the beauty of this lace.